Professional Methods to Cheaper Los Angeles Car Insurance

Finding affordable Los Angeles car insurance on the internet can be difficult for consumers not familiar with shopping for insurance online. Since there are so many online companies available, how can Los Angeles drivers even start to compare them all to find the lowest rates?

Smart consumers take time to check car insurance prices at least once a year because insurance rates trend upward over time. Even if you got the best rates a year ago you may be paying too much now. Starting right now, block out anything you think you know about car insurance because I’m going to teach you the quickest way to remove unneeded coverages and save money.

Finding cheap car insuranceĀ in Los Angeles is not that difficult. Essentially every driver who is shopping for car insurance most likely will be able to save money. But California vehicle owners must comprehend how big insurance companies compete online and use this information to your advantage.

Save big with these discounts

Companies that sell car insurance don’t necessarily list every discount in an easy-to-find place, so we took the time to find some of the best known and also the lesser-known discounts you could be receiving.

  • Paperless Signup – A handful of insurance companies may give you up to $50 simply for signing digitally online.
  • Anti-lock Brake Discount – Vehicles with anti-lock braking systems can avoid accidents and therefore earn up to a 10% discount.
  • More Vehicles More Savings – Having multiple cars or trucks on the same car insurance policy can get a discount on all vehicles.
  • Multiple Policy Discount – If you have multiple policies with one company you will save 10% to 20% off each policy.
  • Discount for Good Grades – A discount for being a good student can be rewarded with saving of up to 25%. The good student discount can last until age 25.
  • Drive Safe and Save – Safe drivers can get discounts for up to 45% lower rates than drivers with accident claims.
  • 55 and Retired – Older drivers can possibly qualify for better car insurance rates.
  • Own a Home – Owning a home in Los Angeles may earn you a small savings because maintaining a house shows financial diligence.
  • No Accidents – Drivers with accident-free driving histories can earn big discounts as compared to accident-prone drivers.

As a disclaimer on discounts, most of the big mark downs will not be given to the entire cost. Most cut specific coverage prices like liability and collision coverage. So when it seems like all the discounts add up to a free policy, you won’t be that lucky.

To choose insurers with the best car insurance discounts in California, click here to view.

Cheap Los Angeles Car Insurance Comparisons

The are a couple different ways to compare rate quotes from local in Los Angeles car insurance companies. The quickest method to find the cheapest insurance rates consists of obtaining rate quotes online. This can be accomplished in a couple of different ways.

  1. The fastest way consumers can make multiple comparisons is a comparison rater form click to view form in new window. This type of form keeps you from doing separate forms for every car insurance company. A single, simple form will return price quotes direct from many companies. Just one form and you’re done.
  2. Another way to get comparison quotes consists of visiting each individual company website and fill out their own quote form. For instance, we’ll pretend you want to compare rates from Farmers, Liberty Mutual and GEICO. To get rate quotes you would need to take the time to go to each site and enter your policy data, which is why the first method is more popular.For a list of links to insurance companies in Los Angeles, click here.

Which method you use is up to you, but make absolute certain that you use apples-to-apples coverage limits and deductibles for each price quote. If you are comparing higher or lower deductibles it will be impossible to make an equal comparison in Los Angeles. Quoting even small variations in coverages can result in a big premium difference. And when comparing car insurance rates, know that having more price comparisons helps you find the best price.Los Angeles CA insurance prices

Understand what determines the rate you pay

An important part of buying insurance is that you know the different types of things that help determine the rates you pay for car insurance. Knowing what controls the rates you pay empowers consumers to make smart changes that can help you get lower car insurance prices.

  • Lower rates come with age – Mature drivers tend to be more responsible, statistically cause fewer accidents and are safer drivers. Teenage drivers have a tendency to be careless and easily distracted in a vehicle therefore car insurance rates are much higher.
  • Is your vehicle built for speed? – The type of car you own makes a big difference in the rate you pay. The lowest base rates are for economy passenger vehicles, but other factors influence the final cost greatly.
  • What are your deductibles? – Insurance for physical damage to your car, otherwise known as comp (or other than collision) and collision, protects your car from damage. Some examples of claims that would be covered are a windshield shattered by a rock, collision with an animal, and windstorm damage. The deductibles are the amount of money you are willing to pay before your car insurance pays a claim. The more the insured has to pay upfront, the less your car insurance will be.
  • Don’t sacrifice liability coverage – Liability insurance will protect you if ever you are found liable for damages from an accident. It will provide you with a defense in court starting from day one. This coverage is very inexpensive compared to physical damage coverage, so buy as much as you can afford.
  • Your location is important – Residing in a rural area is a positive aspect when it comes to car insurance. Urban drivers have to deal with more traffic problems and a longer drive to work. Fewer people means reduced accidents.
  • Being married can save on car insurance – Having a wife or husband actually saves money on your car insurance policy. Marriage means you’re more mature than a single person and it’s statistically proven that being married results in fewer claims.
  • An active claims history can cost you – Companies in California award discounts to insureds who are claim-free. If you are a frequent claim filer, you can expect either a policy non-renewal or much higher rates. Your insurance policy is intended to be relied upon for larger claims.
  • Little extras can really add up – There are many add-on coverages you can purchase on your car insurance policy. Coverages for roadside assistance, better glass coverage and membership fees are some examples. They may seem like a good idea when talking to your agent, but your needs may have changed so eliminate them to save money.

But I don’t know anything about car insurance

When buying adequate coverage, there isn’t really a one size fits all plan. Everyone’s needs are different.

Here are some questions about coverages that might point out whether your personal situation could use an agent’s help.

  • Should I file a claim if it’s only slightly more than my deductible?
  • Is borrowed equipment or tools covered if stolen or damaged?
  • When would I need rental car insurance?
  • Do I have coverage when using my vehicle for my home business?
  • Will I be non-renewed for getting a DUI or other conviction?
  • How much liability do I need to cover my assets?
  • Do I need higher deductibles?
  • Do all my vehicles need collision coverage?
  • Does my car insurance cover rental cars?

If you’re not sure about those questions, you might consider talking to an insurance agent in Los Angeles. If you don’t have a local agent, simply complete this short form.

Save 15 percent in 15 minutes? Is it for real?

Companies like Progressive, Allstate and GEICO regularly use ads on television and other media. All the ads make an identical promise that you can save if you move to their company. How can each company make almost identical claims? It’s all in the numbers.

All the different companies have a certain “appetite” for the type of driver that makes them money. An example of a profitable customer could be over the age of 50, has no tickets, and drives less than 10,000 miles a year. A driver who fits that profile will get very good rates and most likely will pay quite a bit less when switching companies.

Consumers who don’t measure up to these standards will be charged more money and ends up with the customer not buying. Company advertisements say “customers that switch” not “people who quote” save that much money. That is how companies can make the claims of big savings. That is why it is so important to quote coverage with many companies. It’s just too difficult to predict which car insurance company will give you the biggest savings.

Smart shoppers get results

When shopping online for car insurance, you should never buy lower coverage limits just to save a few bucks. There are a lot of situations where an insured dropped physical damage coverage only to find out that their decision to reduce coverage ended up costing them more. Your goal should be to buy a smart amount of coverage at a price you can afford while still protecting your assets.

Los Angeles insurance comparisons

Drivers switch companies for a number of reasons such as denial of a claim, an unsatisfactory settlement offer, policy non-renewal and questionable increases in premium. Whatever your reason, switching companies can be less work than you think.

You just learned quite a bit of information on how to get a better price on car insurance. The most important thing to understand is the more rate quotes you have, the better chance you’ll have of finding lower rates. Drivers may discover the best prices are with a small mutual company.

More tips and info about car insurance is located at the California Department of Insurance website. Consumers can report car insurance fraud, find a variety of consumer forms, and file complaints about an insurance agent or broker.

Additional helpful sites include this site for car insurance rates in California and this link where you can get more info about Los Angeles car insurance.